MSI Going Full Throttle @ CeBIT in Germany

【Taipei】The World's second largest CeBIT Communication and Electronic Expo for Consumers in Hanover Germany will take place between March 4th to the 9th. More than 6000 manufacturers from over 70 countries will be participating in the event. To welcome this special CeBIT Expo, the world renowned IT Design and Manufacturing Company MSI will attend as the top two participants from Taiwan, with a complete line of products and the very best in breakthrough technology surely to impress this global event once again.

Due to the recent attention MSI notebook computers has received by the international market, we continue to develop models with attributes such as ECO Energy-Saving, environmentally consciousness, and the concept of true beauty in design. After succeeding in the CES Expo in the U.S., we are even more prepared to elevate all of our products, using multiple innovative technologies and designs in order to do our very best at CeBIT.

The Very First Anion Notebook Computer that Helps You Breath
MSI Notebook Computers is taking another shot at our Green Design by combining the technologies in both computers and anion, producing the world's very first Anion Notebook Computer. It is capable of releasing concentrated anion; which is very effective in cleansing and upgrading air quality. Even if you were stranded in the enclosed environment such as an office, you can still enjoy the fresh air of the woods.

Notebook Computers are now inseparable in the daily lives of the modern people both professionally and privately, long hours of computer usage in enclosed airtight spaces can easily be the cause of physical weariness which leads to poor work efficiency. Breathing in anion from the forest can relieve stress levels, sooth weariness, awake the senses, and strengthen immune systems, it is also known as the "air vitamin".

MSI notebook has developed the PR620 Anion Notebook Computer in order to better the inconvenience of traditional anion generators, incorporating the anion technology with notebook computers, producing the world’s very first notebook computer capable of releasing anion to better your health. Using the latest in technology, the MSI Anion Notebook Computer can release up to five hundred and five hundred thousand ions/cc (50 cm from the air vent), which is more than if you were right next to mountains and beaches. It can also contain concentrated ozone lower than 0.02ppm. (UL & TUL regulations must be lower than 0.05ppm; high ozone concentration can be harmful to human bodies)
*Different result under different environmental condition.

Anion Benefits---

• Sterilization and Detoxification: Ultra-Oxygen Free Radicals can exterminate all kinds of viruses in the respiratory passages to prevent its spread. Eliminating all toxic gases in the air, destroying the "Silent Assassin"

• Dust Elimination: Strongly absorbing dust buildups and drifting particles in the air to prevent inhaling into the human body, eliminating all possible contact to diseases

• Deodorization and Smoker Free: Removing all offensive and foreign smell in the air to bettering the living conditions

• Adding anions and activated oxygen: elevate productivity, preventing illnesses caused by air conditioning, bettering heart and lungs, strengthen the immune system.

• Cosmetology: Applying negative electros to the upper skin cells so the viruses are ineffective when attacking cells, leaving the skin smooth and shining

Anion Content Ratio Chart
Region Content
Mountains and Beaches 50000~100000 ions/cc
Rural Areas and Farms 5000~50000 ions/cc
Parks in the City 1000~20000 ions/cc
Urban Districts 100~200 ions/cc
Enclosed Space in Cities 40~50 ions/cc
*Data from IUCN Atmosphere Examination Reference Sheet

The World's First「Turbo Battery」Model in Energy Saving

MSI's Gaming Series Notebook Computers has always been a top selection for gamers. After the explosion created by the newly added 「Turbo Drive Engine Technology」in speed function in the world's first Super-Band Computer, we are leading another new wave with the exclusive「Turbo Battery Technology」, equipped in the GX60008' model which will be introduced at CeBIT.

Following the global movement of Environmental Consciousness, the Green Technology became a must for MSI notebook. We have completed the development of the exclusive 「Turbo Battery Technology」. Through 「Turbo Battery Technology」, it can prolong the battery operating time. When the notebook computer is in 「Turbo Battery」Mode, it will automatically adjust the systems by the workload to save power. Batteries will no longer be an obstacle during operation, also minimizing the usage of global resources to lower the burden in our surroundings.
*Different result under different environmental condition.

The most aesthetic design, New Concept Machine Uses Natural Biodegradable Materials

Environmentalism is a priority for MSI notebook as is evidenced by this year's motto "ECO is Beautiful" and design concept "Less is more. Doing Our Very Best for the Harmony of the Environment." Following its own tradition of including such innovative elements as mock suede into its designs, MSI notebook is incorporating natural and biodegradable materials as leather and wood into its products, illustrating its concern for the environment, while proving its good aesthetic sense.

MSI notebook has jettisoned the cold shell of conventional computers for an aesthetically-pleasing blend of technology and fashion, integrating top-quality genuine leather and meticulous detail work, creating the dreaming purple—the cutting edge of both technology and fashion, leaving no doubts regarding the company's exquisite craftsmanship.

The courageous fusion of the various shades of browns of the natural wood and high-tech silver come together to create a thing of beauty.

Leading the Pack with Stylish Hotkey Touch Design

The age of minimalism and style in notebooks is here. MSI notebook now offers easy, one-touch control for frequently-used hotkeys and its unique "Dual Turbo" technology—Turbo Battery and Turbo Drive Engine. The "Eco" function saves power, while the "Turbo" design offers increased speed at the touch of a button.

MSI notebook is introducing two new models—the 15.4" GX620 and the 17" GX720. The hair brushed black color and silver lines of the GX620's case are truly inspirational. While the race car lines, heavy-duty quad speakers, aerodynamic dock speakers, turbo bass sound bore, and hair brushed black color options make the GX720 is nothing less than a dream machine.

Information for MSI Notebook Computer at CeBIT 2008
Date of Expo:March 4th through 8th , 2008
Location:Hall 21

Station Number:B34

【Product picture】