Featuring a unique design and individualized notebook for work and play
MSI Unveils 12


TAIPEI , TAIWAN , Feb 28, 2007 -MSI today announces its new 12" widescreen S262 YA edition notebook. Featuring a one-of-a-kind design and exciting new colors, S262 YA has a uniquely distinct look and sets it apart from other notebooks on the market.

Moving away from the cold and impersonal notebooks designs and colors commonly found today, the S262 YA edition will provide an invigorating and fresh way to compute. Coming in a number of lively and vivid colors (Aegean Sea Blue, Fresh Grass Green, and Marguerite Rose Pink); users will stand out from the crowd and express their own individual flair.

"With the S262 YA, MSI is offering a notebook that will allow users to articulate their own individualism," said Eric Kuo, the Notebook Manager of MSI, "However not just distinct in design, it also packs in great functionality, from wireless connectivity to DVD burning."

Equipped with IntelR Core 2 Duo processor, wireless functionality, 3-in-1 card reader, IEEE1394 connecting interface and a Multi-DVD burner, the S262 YA is ready to integrate into your life at work or play. S262 YA features a spacious touch pad and spring action keyboard for increased productivity. Measuring in at 30 cm in length and 24cm in width, along with a weight of 2 kg (including battery), S262 YA is very portable.

For the more detailed and intricate images, S262 YA utilizes ACV(Amazing Crystal Vision) display which provides higher saturation and higher definition visuals that are clearer and crisper. In addition to this, the ACV display also helps to make images easier on the eyes, so long durations in front of the screen is possible.

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