MSI Notebook GX710
Won the
Silver Award


THAILAND HWM October issue 2007

GX710 Extreme Edition "Serve all Gamers' desire"

Gaming Series-GX710 was born to be the gamers' buddy especially for the most enjoyable at everywhere.

GX710 design is very beautiful with black color and graffiti called "Eye-Catching Flame-Like Graphic Design". However its surface material is shiny and easy to get scratch. GX710 is using the high performance of CPU like AMD Turion64 X2 and chipset ATi RX690 and SB600. Along with these, there are also 2 GB of RAM, with 250GB SATA HDD, 1.3 Mpx Webcam. More special for the gamers is a high power of graphic chip like ATi HD2600 512 MB VRAM. 17" WSXGA & WUXGA Screen with ACV (Amazing Crystal Vision) technology and MSI VIVID Image Enhancement is for smooth and beautiful images. Sound system is using theater class 4.1 High-Stereo Speaker with Subwoofer. Moreover, HD-DVD is support to read and write for every optical media format. Another important thing for all gamers is a keyboard that GX710's keyboard has been designed with a standard size and highlighted with red color on W, A, S, D keys. For connectivity, Gigabit LAN, modem, Wireless 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth are installed. Besides, there is HDMI to support the perfect multimedia as well.

In conclusion, GX710 is high performance notebook with innovative technologies and perfection of design for the real gamers.

88 score out of 100
Phisical Feature 89
Features 92
Ease of Use 88
Performance 87
Value 85