Ultimate Platform for Intel Core™ 2 Processors 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition


MSI, one of the world leaders in motherboard design and manufacturing, creating the 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition has superseded its design to support the powerful processor Intel "Core™ 2". This processor is due for release in the 2 nd half of 2006, along with MSI's new and improved 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition offering full support for the latest Core™ 2 series processors. Packed full of impressive features designed to satisfy every gamer's greatest desire!

Fully Supports Core™ 2 Series Processors

In order to deliver the amazing performance of the next-generation Intel processors to enthusiasts, the 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition will fully support the ultimate in Intel processors Core™ 2! The latest 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition can operate with the full line-up including Core™ 2 Extreme and Core™ 2 Duo. Based on the enhancements of the new processors combined with excellent circuit design, the 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition will become the best choice platform for low power consumption, high performance, and high-quality graphics support!

Dual Channel DDR2-800 High Frequency Operating Achieved

In order to satisfy the overclocking requirements of gamers, the 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition will support the ultra high speed DDR2-800! It not only supports near double the speed compared to DDR2-667 of the current 975X, but it also provides more detailed memory related adjustments. Gamers can freely find out the best setup matrix based on the processors and memory modules on hand to challenge the performance limit!

Exclusive Dual CoreCell on Board

Another surprise is the new 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition will equip with MSI's unique Dual CoreCell technology, which includes the new Dual CoreCenter to monitor/tweak each core of CPU/ GPU, and introduces the variety of scenario modes for the most effective experience. The Dual CoreCell also includes the popular D.O.T. Express and Live Update 3, to deliver the Performance Precision, Silence Precision, and Sound Precision to the 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition users by way of a fresh and stylish user interface.

CrossFire Ready for Extreme Gaming

The 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition also supports dual-graphic technology which allows smooth 3D games experience and streaming video processing. The 2 PCI Express x16 slots lets users run 2 graphics cards in ATi CrossFire mode to achieve the highest graphics performance for extreme gaming experience on Intel's platform you've never imagined.

Best Listening Experience From Dolby

The best graphics and best audio combined; after 955X Platinum, MSI introduce the PCEE (Entertainment Experience) to 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition again! In order to satisfy the high quality requirements of users, the 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition has integrated the 7.1-ch ann el Dolby Master Studio Certified HD Audio, it can create an array of surround sound audio effects depending on the environment and sound devices you have, enabled the digital output through optical fiber and coaxial cable. Thus, every user will have the best listening experience with their best speaker!

RoHS Compliance Green Motherboard from MSI

In observance of environmentally friendly practices and awareness, all the components of 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition are RoHS compliant, including the manufacturing process. The 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition is made with high quality components only and will not cause environmental pollution after disposal. When you choose 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition as your motherboard, you are also making an effort to protect the environment together with MSI.

975X Platinum PowerUp Edition
  • Base on Intel® 975X Express Chipset
  • Support LGA775 Intel Core™ 2 Processors
  • Support 1066/800/533 MHz FSB
  • Support DDR2-800/667/533
  • 2 PCI Express x16& 2 PCI Express x1 slots
  • Support ATi CrossFire Technology
  • 4+1 SATA2 3Gb/s Support RAID
  • Support 7.1 Channel Dolby MS HD Audio
  • Support Intel® PRO Gigabit LAN
  • Communication Slot
  • Dual CoreCell on Board