Dual-Core Dominador of Virtual 3D World in Power era Most powerful NX7950GX2 of the year from MSI

Taipei, Taiwan - MSI, a world leading graphic card manufacturer and each and every its graphic card has been considered a master piece of the year, presents yet again a new product that would be the mater piece of this year, the NVIDIA® NX7950GX2 graphic card. This card uses a brand new structure that contains two NVIDIA® 7950 GX2 core chips and two fans, with a frequency of 500MHz, and supports up to a total of 1GB of DDR3-1200MHz memory. The card will be the very milestone of the graphic card history, be remembered as a most powerful card for years from now, and give gamers the most magnificent game scenes ever.

The all new NVIDIA® NX7950GX2 is the most efficient PCI-E graphic card, which is made with the latest 9 0 nanometer production process, adopts the superscalar design with up to 48 line pixel pipeline, and supports image resolution up to 2560×1600 pixels. The card also provides many NVIDIA's latest visual technologies such as the onboard NVIDIA® CineFX 4.0 acceleration engine, which brings the top notch coloring technology into the game field, and the NVIDIA® Intellisample™ 4.0 Accuview technology, which can produce all kinds of exquisite special effects and can smooth rough edges in displayed image. Other functions include VIDIA® PureVideo technology, NVIDIA® UltraShadow ™ II technology, HDR ( High dynamic-range ) technology, and etc. Thanks to these technologies, the card can optimize the performance of games to provide perfect 3D scenes beyond a gamer's dream. The card also supports Microsoft® DierctX® 9.0C and OpenGL 2.0, and comes with two dual-linkDVI outputs and a HD-TV output, providing gamers excellent visual experience.

Above all, the NVIDIA® NX7950GX2 has been designed with SLI (Scalable Link Interface) multiple GPU technology, which allows two NX7950GX2 graphic cards connect to each other and makes their four NVIDIA® 7950 GX2 GPUs to operate simultaneously, and plus its memory capacity can be expanded to 2GB, easily implying an unprecedented super performance that makes the most demanding gamers easily get absorbed in a car race or a grand war scene. This is the super powerful 3D platform no game-lover can ever miss.

MSI NVIDIA® NX7950GX2 gives you great future support. Designed with a new generation NVIDIA graphic technology structure, the card can enhance the 3D user interface (GUI) required by the upcoming Microsoft® Windows system " Vista ", giving users the best graphic interface. Furthermore, for both veteran gamer and beginner, MSI has especially designed an exclusive new generation DOT Express ( Dynamic Overclocking Technology Express) technology, not only making the card to automatically overclock its operation according to its work loading, but also allowing users to overclock the card manually. In short, this card is very suitable for entry level or professional players and allows players of all levels to enjoy 3D visual scenes with best efficiency and quality.

NVIDIA® CineFX 4.0 visual processing engine

The all new CineFX 4.0 visual processing engine supports Shader Model 3.0 of Microsoft® DierctX® 9.0, which can reinforces GPU's performance to gain more operation speed and provides a powerful 64 bit floating point architecture that twice more powerful than its predecessor, resulting rich details, realistic texture and appearance, and better accuracy in big and complicate scenes as good as of the Hollywood movies.

MIS's exclusive DOT Express -- Dynamic Overclocking Technology Express™

Designed with the most excellent NX7950GX2 circuit design, together with high frequency 1200MHz DDR 3 graphic memory dots, the DOT Express ( Dynamic Overclocking Technology Express™ ) can increase the 3D performance of the NX7950GX2 by 10% by allowing the frequency of the GPU and graphic memory to be increased automatically or manually with no damage to the stability and smooth operation of the card, allowing users to squeeze extra performance from the NX7950GX2, which is too good to be missed by any demanding 3D gamer.

All new NVIDIA Intellisample™ 4.0 FSAA

The new generation of Intellisample™ 4.0 FSAA provides an advanced 16x non-parallel filtering with the maximum of 128 Taps. The newly developed rotated grid FSAA technology smoothes the edges of images, resulting more detailed and realistic scenes. Besides, it supports the advanced lossless compression algorithm, which can be applied during the execution of high resolution images or high image refreshing rate to increase the compression efficiency of color, texture and other data, thus taking the quality of game scenes to an unprecedented high level.

NVIDIA® PureVideo makes videos look more powerful

The NVIDIA® PureVideo plays videos, whether their resolution are 720p or 1080i, in a quality level almost the same you can get from a home theater, giving you clear and vivid images. The PureVideo is composed of several software and hardware technologies and uses advanced digital algorithm, allowing it to provide the hardware acceleration for MPEG-2 and WMV video playback, real-time high quality video recording and smooth playback with no extra hardware chipsets. Besides, it also comes with a time and space anti-interlacing feature, which is used to provide exquisite and smooth image quality no mater users are watching digital or analog video in their computers, and a anti-ghost multi-stream zooming function, which provides a highly defined image quality while you are watching a low-resolution video in a high resolution screen.

NVIDIA® UltraShadow™ II technology

The built-in UltraShadow™ II 3D technology can greatly increase the special effects in 3D game scenes, giving reality to the usually difficult effects like shadows, ripples, and etc. Thanks to the UltraShadow ™ II technology, the NVIDIA® NX7950GX2 can display 3D scenes and special effects in a realistic way that gamers can only dream about.